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Guide to use Alertpay account

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Guide to use Alertpay account Empty Guide to use Alertpay account

Post  Admin on Fri 20 Feb 2009 - 21:46

Guide to use Alertpay account

1. Transfer money from E-gold to Alertpay.
Procedure for transfer from E-gold to Alertpay fairly simple and safe, you do the following steps to transfer:

- In Alertpay account you click Add Funds, the Funds you select Add Egold Section E-Currencies.
- Now you have to follow 3 steps to the transfer took place correctly. In step 1, you should report the amount transferred in the Amount to Add and annotate the money in the box and then click Submit Details. To step 2, you can see no mistake, if any errors you click Modify to edit or you click to Comfirm to step 3.

- In step 3, you will see the following page:
Guide to use Alertpay account AV19Hpi9

You should note this is a very important step, if you do wrong as the money you lost. The contents of this site is asking you to login to your account E-gold and your money you have at first to account 2102119, you must copy and paste the number Reference Number (in the picture is 097d601769bd5) Memo box procedures when making transfers in e-gold. This is to identify the money so you need to copy accurately, if this is wrong as you lose money. After the money has finished, you click Finished to end.

- When done the steps above, you wait about 1 day funds will be transferred to your Alertpay account you when the transfer was successful, the item Available Balance will appear corresponding amount. Fees for the entire process of transfer is 2.5% of the total deposit.

- For the transfer will be Alertpay statistics in your account, it has the following format:
Guide to use Alertpay account GxzvoB9

- When you click Comfirm in step 2 of the transfer, the transfer will be statistics here you can wear for transfer to the account of E-gold Alertpay or not. This convenience is that you can make more money by moving the plan from you and then transfer to the account of Alertpay Egold later. With every transfer of money only when you send money to your account Egold Alertpay is the payment that was made.

- To cancel a transfer, you press the corresponding letter Detais and the simple steps to cancel.

2. Transfer money from Alertpay to E-gold.

Message has not long to fix, lucid allowed to write this section, the context of money and invite additional contributions, repair giùm:
Currently, with you know, not Alertpay Egold transfers to be!
Reasons: Not updated!

3. Transfer money from Alertpay to Vietnam!

+ Cash via check:
Specifically: No update

+ Cash on through Bank wire: With U.S. bank, add AlertPay, you can cash out via AlertPay on the NH. This method only suitable for those who have a friend living in the U.S., Europe! With you know, the Vietnamese do not have any bank to withdraw support from Alertpay!
Specifically: Not updated!

+ How 2: Very simple. Community make money online there are many people like you, need to transfer money from Egold, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, VMZ, MB ... about Vietnam. Therefore, have established money transfer service, which called Exchanger, they will receive money from AlertPay, after changing the transfer rules into account in the ATM's in us. Of course, the rules change is lower than the value of $ fact, for example (at the current time, to purchase) $ 1 = 12.5 Egold - 13k VNĐ; $ 1 Liberty Reserve = 15.1k VNĐ; $ 1 AlertPay = 12k VND ... Problem is to find is enough prestige to exchange! At the forum he has egoldbussines it! You can contact us!

How + 3: I try not only set out if the problem is, if you believe, you try to view. You can use the site, cleaning! The site does not like missing! Problems are reputable, prices should change money in large quantity but should meet directly Exchanger is all over!
Currently this site know, the money quickly and is fairly reliable:

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