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Post  Admin Fri 20 Feb 2009 - 21:43

Please register and more details here:


1. Make Money on the Internet, real or fake

When you're online, you sure have met a lot of advertising on the network on the web make money (make money online, online, online). There are many different opinions, the ad is that making money online is real, then that person is the fiddling, fast talking, time useless. On many forums, I met a lot of comments that enraged attitude, the News article about the ads for making money online, who they are? by my comments, they are:

with food, employment stability, no problems in economics, finance.
never participate in making money on the Internet, never think of and may not want to think of making money on the Internet, they can not understand the concept: make money on the Internet, make money online, make money online , make money online (make money on the Internet, make money online, make money online, make money online) is actually only one!
With the certificate of money from autosurf sites to your account online bank E-Gold, Moneybookers, I dare to affirm that you: Make money on the network (via network, online, online) is true!

2. Make money online easy or difficult?

Many ads that make money online very easy! That is not to have?

When you're online, you access a page on any ads, or any forum that you experience the ad money on the Internet with the title is very attractive, such as: Make Money on the Internet really is true! . Make money on the network HOT. Make money online actually 100% of 50 - 200 USD / month. Make money effectively on the Internet. Do not miss the chance to make your money. Make money without investment. Make Money on the Internet easy, high. Make money online - work at home. Opportunities to attract money are waiting for you. How to make money easiest way here. Make money not lose capital and effort. Earn money online fast and efficient. A make money online fast. Make money online with ... Make money online 100% real. How to make money on the Internet most prestige. 1 address money and prestige safety ... The ads that title very attractive but also the full power of persuasion! Must recognize that many people in advertising, have more knowledge about marketing and they have ... convinced!

Many people read the ad in line hăm crack, registration money now! but some people are making money patience, Durable and they earn an amount worthy of the effort they put out!

Remaining only be pursued for a few days, also is 1-2 months and then depressed, remove the!

So making money online is easy or difficult?
If you want to reply to your question, you need to participate in making money on the internet (make money on the Internet, online, online, over the network) is at least several months, you can know!

But now I can answer your questions!
Ago on 2 years, when online, I accidentally read a ad network that making money online (make money online) very easy! I hăm them up, and join right now to make wind! I also demonstrated is the patience, determination high, are not you?

During the last time I had drawn the conclusion that money on the Internet easy and just tacky!

Read email not need to know much about computers and the internet. Receive, open the message and then click on the link in the message one can do!
Make money surfing the web (Get Paid To Autosurf) is back as easily. Open a web browser, login to autosurf page, click on Start and then sit Surfing view site advertising the change-over in the period after the 20s also childish to do!


Is difficult to find a reputable site, you receive the tien. Not all sites will pay for you, there are many fraud (SCAM)!. According to my comments is to have over 90% of the page fraud. Pages prestige, actually pay only about 10% of the total pages currently exist on the internet!
A mistake that everyone have (including me) when you start making money on the Internet by reading e-mail advertising (Get Paid To Read) pages are selected email high-value from 5 to 10 cents onwards. It is a big mistake, the sites send mail large value is that the payment to members. It easy to understand all, you do a calculation is known. Suppose a site has 10 000 members and their email value 10 cents. the company to buy ads to pay not less than $ 1 000 (0.1 x 10 $ 000 members). So they collected money advertising is very low, for example: 10cent solo mail to all only $ 1.98 (mail advertising value of 10 cents sent to all members, only $ 1.98). This is not including the site must also pay host, tien domen, and then have to put a bag of money to live without it anymore. Most people have the wrong is to start making money on the network are the sites selected email high value, and the result is read email without pay.
Pages GPTR pay actual mail is sent with very low value of about 1 cent, even less than 1 cent. Therefore, also earn money is not easy.
To read email earn money, you need to know little English, need to pay attention to not mistakenly click link to cheat, if you click the link to cheat they will delete your account and like how much effort your moving the code!
To really make money, it must be even, Durable, and determination to take time and effort. Must be relatively long you can collect sufficient amount of the minimum (Payout) to be paid. Since the claim until you receive the funds also have to wait some time more!
If you do not patience, just want to make money in short period of time, as soon as possible the money on the internet (make money on the Internet, network, online, online) is not the most appropriate for you ! The best that you should not join because if you only pursue some day, also is 1-2 months leaving only the time useless!

3. So who can join Make money online ?
This is suitable for those who do?
Anyone can join make money online, but ...
Must have the patience, determination high!

You must define thought to be after several months you can get money first.
If you read this paragraph to ensure that you have the patience, so please read more information about the form of money over the network (the network, online, online), the methods to increase income, the my experience to help you make money fast and efficient.

4. Forms of making money on the internet (make money on the network)

The form of money through the most popular but now I am involved are:
Earn money by reading emails advertising
Surfing the web earn money (Make money with autosurf)

4. 1. Earn money by reading e-mail message advertising

This is a form of money through the most popular, online when you are sure that you get more ads on the way money online this one. Main ago on my 2 years and start making money with this method. Specific information about methods of making money I own in popular categories: Make money by reading e-mail ad

Appearance money is 2:
4. 2. Make money surfing the web (Get Paid To Surf)

I make money form this after reading the e-mail ads. Can the company is the first StudioTraffic which company oldest and most prestigious. operation principles of this type of company is the member deposit account to upgrade (I can understand that underground fees members), so that the member is entitled to make money in it in a period, each day the members must surf a number of ad pages that regulated companies will be charged a percentage of account level% level (in StudioTraffic rate is 1%, time is money is 365 days, so, if you submit for the company, every day you earn 1% of the amount that you submit to, ie within 1 year you will earn 365% of the money you put out). The company uses money which you submit them to business in other sectors, money they earn interest to pay for the members, for you.

So sure you understand that this job allows you to earn lots of money if you invest a lot!

But drilling ... Mừng seats with you ...!

If the company has business interest, they have money to pay for you, if the business failed it? When they run away from a high bay, one can come at any time you want access to their page, but not! not see that Admin email notification that they have trouble at all, a week and then 2-3 weeks passed still do not see steam! The money you take home with life!

There are many false pretenses, promises to pay a high percentage, 4-5% per day, time money around 50-60 days or more, the money to its members easily. According to information from their page is within 50-60 days you will earn 300-400% or more money, whether they be business to earn 300-400% interest in short period of time as this?

Read this section to ensure you pessimistic, depressed too! Correct? But you know the seats with, I have news to tell you happy!

There are many companies reward bonus amount to $ 4-10 account level, when you sign up make money for them, so you can start making money without investing a cent any!

When you make money, you can use the money to upgrade the account, the account level to higher level, you will earn more money. So you can make money in a few pages without investment, not fear losing any money!

Specific information about the form this money at surfing the web earn money - earn money with autosurf. There I particularly popular way registered by surf, how to upgrade account, how to surf multiple pages at once ...

5. Methods to increase income when making money online:

read the email (read e-mail) for many
Make money in many surf (Get Paid to Autosurf)
Building networks
5. 1. Register to read several pages of email

To increase income when making money on the network (via network, direct communication, online), you also need to register to read more tomorrow GPTR page, but an understandable message is read for many, you lose more time. Your selection by ability that registration number to the appropriate page.

5. 2. Make money in many surf (Get Paid To Surf)

You need the ability to follow their registration number of the page to suit your time. You should know that the page you need to surf to work every day, especially in the page limit is less money (life's short unit). Un-time information is lost on them. If you put too many days you do not earn anything, even in you will be negative, in the wall of your deposit account to upgrade!

5. 3. Building network (Refer)

Methods to increase income when making money on the internet (make money on the Internet, network, online, online) is introduced to as many people as possible (network building). That is why that many people's ads on the internet make money online very easy. So myself, I put the money to buy a host, domain names, then I take a lot of time and effort to create this web site is to build the network.

I want an explanation for you to understand is a common issue in the network page and read email autosurf different!

In the pages to read e-mail (Get Paid To Read)
Your bonus depends on the amount that the network earns

In the Surf page (Get Paid To AutoSurf)
Defining at each site are different, for specific, you need to reference the provisions of each page, here are some things to know:

You can only receive bonus network if you upgrade account
Your bonus depends on the amount members of the network filed for the company to upgrade the account, regardless of the amount of members to upgrade from money in the (compound) and does not depend on amount members earn in the surf page.

6. How to make money through network performance

I have to make money performance you need to know the following:

Select page prestigious really pay
Should have experience in reading email or surfing the web to take a little time

6. 1. Only registered money to reputable site (NO SCAM)

We have drawing experience, just register on the site actually paid, not the page fraud!

I work hard to pages that I introduced in this site are reputable, but not easy!

There are many pay back after not only tea! This case most common in the case of site changes owners (webmasters). There are many who fraud, mercenary see which pages are reputable, there are many members that he purchased and get rich in a time when it is from reputable sites become fraud (SCAM), many members chán remove the solder then sold the company to others!

If you detect any list that I have introduced any page in the most recent payment is not suggested that you email me, I will remove it from the list and notify all who knows!

How to distinguish information Make money online is reliable?
You should know that making money online (make money online, network, online, online) is true but not easily.
Avoid the company seems to be to make money, easy for you, it is difficult for them, before later they will not earn enough money to pay for you.
Do not be greedy select companies seem to make money,
Reference Forum on the topic of money in Vietnam and abroad to see their speeches about how it.
If you have a post where the certificate of payment, you see the evidence is old or new? If someone has to receive half years ago before that have not found new evidence, not necessarily the current company that is still reliable!
For prestige, the page you need to seriously read tomorrow, to have money to pay interest to its members they must maintain team member trust, so they cheat or send mail or mail with link to the cheat see the member has read the email or not? meals or just click on link? know English? so you need to have capital in English for at least distinguish the fake mail!
To not be deleted account you refer to information at: You should note

6. 2. Should have experience in making money.

On this web site, I tried to disseminate the experience of making money on the internet (make money on the Internet, network, online, online) that I have collected for years, since reading experience tomorrow, surf experience , how to register and use your bank account online e-Gold, Moneybookers, StormPay ... experiences to use computers, because computers are the number 1 to you money on the internet (make money on the Internet, network, online, online) can help you to make money fast and effective .

Can you ask the question: Why do I popularized the experience that without confidentiality for their own?

From the experience itself, I know that many when you start making money on the internet (make money on the Internet, network, online, online) is much less known, so easily depressed the left. If I can convince you register that you not only how to make money, you are only involved a few days and then chán not anymore, so I made you take the time useless, and you have cause I'm responsible for my ad in fiddling, not really.
If I show you how to make money when you earn all the money you and I are satisfied.
I show you all the information necessary to make money on the internet (make money on the Internet, network, online, online), if you are determined to have high, and you consider that this work suitable for you then please subscribe to the pay page to read email or autosurf site that I introduced.

When you join make money on the internet (make money on the Internet, network, online, online), you also need a bank account online (online bank). Specific information on how to register and use bank accounts online: e-Gold, Moneybookers, StormPay, I own popularity in each category.

To make money effectively you should refer to the experiences that I have on popular web sites, if you have concerns you can contact me via email or chat in yahoo messenger.

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