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Must Read Before Post (For All Member)

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Must Read Before Post (For All Member) Empty Must Read Before Post (For All Member)

Post  Admin on Fri 20 Feb 2009 - 15:16

Must Read Before Post (For All Member)

I ) New Members: Before You Post Anywhere:

1. First you must read Forum Rules.

2. Your Privileges for Posting :

* Threads : Five Threads Per Day Maximum.
* Posts : Unlimited ( Just For Now )

II ) Duplicated threads are forbidden! Before you open a new thread:

1. Use search function (Basic or Advanced):

- Maybe the program you want to list was already posted.

- Maybe the question you have was asked & answered.

2. Don't Hijack Threads by Your Referral Links .

III ) Post in Appropriate Forum:

1. Read description under each forum title .

2. Make sure your thread (or post) matches the topic of the section you want to post in.

IV ) About Starting New Thread at the Forum:

1. Use a descriptive title for your Thread:

Site Name + Site URL + (optional) A Short Description.

follow the following format to post or your thread will be delete.

For Example :

MONEY.BUY-FORUM.COM- - The E-currency Money Forum
what should be inside the thread:

1. Rate Per Action (like Pay to Click, Paid to Post)
2. payment processor supported
3. minimum payout
4. payment proof (if available)
5. other connected informations
6. your own reviews

V ) If You Find a Duplicate, Irrelevant or any Abusive Post or Thread:

1. Do not continue discussion in public forum.

2. Click the "Report Post" icon (triangle shape ) visible on every post to report it. This way you help Administrators & Moderators to keep forums clean for the good of everyone.

VI ) Other Rules

1. Programs must be in English, or it won't be approve.
2. Programs without referral link on main thread will not be approve by us and will be delete immediately to prevent spam. Only Admin of the program are allowed to post link without referral link.
3. no hidden or redirected url, services like tinyurl are forbid here.
4. no foul or rude language
5. Program that had closed without notifying will also not be approve to avoid copy and paste material.

VII ) Must Read Before Posting

1. Reply post should have at least 100 words and will contain two lines or that post will granted as Spam Post and member will get infraction and can loose credits.

2. Post should be related to topic only avoid off topic discussion.

3. Spam post means asking useless question as :
"what is payment processor they use", "what is minimum payout". "i will join this site", Thanks for sharing", "Can you provide more details how this site work", "have you got paid", "payment proof please"
all these post are counted in Spam post so avoid it.

4. If anyone found short post or spam post use Report Button.

Threads or Posts That Don't Obey the Rules Above are Deleted with No Notice and their Posters Penalized.

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