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Post  Admin Fri 20 Feb 2009 - 21:46

ALERTPAY an online bank!
AlertPay, now more widely used. The create account Alertpay will be helpful for the MMO, the participants make money online. Convenient points of Alertpay as we can transfer back and forth between Alertpay and E-gold. Currently Alertpay account since we can only transfer money to U.S. banks and 1 European countries, not on cash fees collected (U.S. Only). In Vietnam, this feature has not been used, people please wait for a longer time. One other note also is the ability to secure than Alertpay E-gold with 2 layers password.

Part 1: Guide Register Alertpay

Click on a link to the homepage of Alertpay.

Register Account Alertpay AV19Fj5A

Select COUNTRY Vietnam! Signup click Next to start the registration Alertpay:

As a new, Get your choice stated
Frame will be registered following types:

Register Account Alertpay Gxzu7MA

You enter the same information as in the picture. Completed, then next.
A new page appears, enter your contact information required:

Register Account Alertpay AV19FD2J

Completed the information and security codes, mark items I agree to AlertPay's terms and conditions and click continue to REGISTER!

Register Account Alertpay Gxzufg0

Now Alertpay will send you an active mail, your mail box you have entered above. Check mail Alertpay correct, it will ask you to validate your email. You click on the link to use in mail. A new page appears, simply enter the Password to Validate your email address.

On the next page, you enter the second password, this password is only used when transferring money (you should choose different Password first, remember that it should be and in 4 to Cool. Finally click Submit.

Register Account Alertpay Pq1dMhjr

So you've completed the signup process, Alertpay account will have the following form:

Register Account Alertpay AV19FUvJ

In your account, you hit the words Upgrade Your Account to upgrade the account.

You choose Upgrade your needs and then click Submit.
Note: With all kinds Upgrade, you will be a fee corresponding Alertpay regulations do when you receive money from other people. As follows:
- Personal Account (not Upgrade): $ 1 fee is the total amount received.
- Premium Account: fee is 2.5% + $ 0.25 on the total amount received.
- Secured Account: fee is 3.9% + $ 0.59 on the total amount received.

Part 2: Guide to making procedures Verify Alertpay account!

This is very necessary because if you do not verify you will not be able to use the account your Alertpay. Verify the steps are as follows:

In Alertpay account, you click Become Verified. Verify page will have the following format:

Register Account Alertpay AV19Jo0i

To verify successful Alertpay account, you must have it as 2 of the ID card and photos of the phone bills within 3 months most recent. Note that the image size not exceed 300Kb best and let the images in JPG format.

When the two meet, you like to Verify image page. First you select the Photo ID and then click Continue on the next page you select and then select the Country ID photo paper ID card from your computer and click Submit to upload it, upload is complete you hit the words proceed to next step to upload again Verify page. To upload a phone bill, you choose your Proof of Address and similar steps.

Do the steps above, you have completed the procedures verify Alertpay account, the rest is waiting Alertpay verify your account to Alertpay and the need to verify the account about 5 days. But if that do not have anything to say, suffering nỗi if you are waiting you may never verify the account. So after 2 Upload photos completed, you should immediately Alertpay mail, to verify how they account for themselves.

You use your mailbox Alertpay registered mail sent to them, here is the address of the mail Alertpay: Text you can write like this:

Hi Alertpay.
I registered a Alertpay account and I did your instruction step by step to
verify my account. Please, you may soon approve them and verify my account.
Thanks you!

Within 1-2 weeks Alertpay will send the reply mail and your account will be verify.

Note: If you are living with her parents and a telephone bill is not the name, you can still use such a bill. Just when sending mail to Alertpay, you can explain this problem is. You can use the following form letter:

Hi Alertpay.
I registered a Alertpay account and I did your instruction step by step to
verify my account. But it has a problem and I want to explain so that you can understand: name on Phone bill is name of my father because now I am still living with my parents.
Please, you may soon approve them and verify my account.
Thanks you!

Wishing everyone success!

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